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Dall’album “Corky’s Debt to His Father”, probabilmente il disco più semplice di Mayo Thompson, nonché il suo unico da solista. Il testo è in alcuni punti differente da quello della versione pubblicata nel 1980 insieme ai Pere Ubu e non sempre sono riuscito a decifrarlo.

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In my heart, if that is where one feels I shall feel Your head lying back sending peals Of laughter to ring the world like a bell A ring to call you here to me Telephone, telephone, please end my blues When I'm alone if it can be done You know that I for one would be so very grateful Is that a horse Whose footsteps I hear approaching, on the run From some strange unknown danger, or just my heart Beating so noisily? One never really knows 'Til it's far too late to see. Better late than never (?) won't you please Tie my running heart, please tie it to your game(?). It's the sun we wait for in the morning, and the moon We long to see setting in the evening when night lies ahead, And day is through, I'll spend the night with you instead.
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